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Welcome Back
1 of the things that propels me forward is to have a defined plan.and be Laser focused Not Obsessed there is a difference.
I take time to give myself evaluations on progress or lack of progress and make necessary changes.
I refuse to give myself negative messages they only instill learned helplessness!
I refuse to accept or make excuses for myself.
I take ownership of my actions and behaviors.
No one can make us think or feel anything we do not buy into willingly!
Don't let past insecurities ruin your progress
I also have been doing special pampering as a way of recognizing my progress that is random not based on I lost X amount of weight.
I live in present ...I have learned this from my Dogs which I adore and have been a tremendous help to live a balanced life.
My family has been a great help by just carrying on normally and not being the diet Police.
Increasing my flexibility has motived me because I deal with Chronic pain on a daily basis and I avoid medication that will not alleviate it I may never be pain free but I will count my blessings that I'm not as stiff as I once was.
Knowing that I had the courage to admit that I needed help and accepting it motivates me to on a daily basis to work towards being as healthy as I. Possibly can be.
Find whatever trips the switch in your brain,for each of us that can be different things :kick butt:
Good Luck,Roo2
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