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I'm not sitting on the fence. I think it's a combination...choice AND genetics. Some people can eat anything & everything, but not gain a thing. Others can eat healthy, exercise but the weight is soooo stubborn in coming off.
I think my own family is a perfect study since there are so many of us: 7 kids, parents, 6 sets of aunt & uncles, grandparents then throw in about a dozen grandkids & 10 great-grandkids. Some have a propensity towards being heavier others not so much. I see it like height, eye color & hair type. I have a maternal aunt who's always been heavy regardless of what she does, while 2 have never gained an ounce in over 40+ yrs & are/were skinny rails. My mom is STILL the same size she was when she gave birth to me nearly 50 yrs. ago. She's not as active any more because of her age (85 this summer)/arthritis, but still NO gain. I'd LOVE to be more like Mom & a little less like Daddy...Daddy always was a little on the heavy side.

So I say, "Mix!" Genetics, what you learn at your home & what you choose to do. You have to take all parts into consideration. You can overcome some genetics with persistance & patience.
Newly updated for 2016!! Starting at 255. 220 lbs. by July 4th. 205 lbs. by Sept. 2, when I see my dr. again. 195 lbs. by Nov. 8, my 52nd birthday. 185 for New Year's 2017!!

4th of July Goal

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