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I'd love the Indian recipes, vidyab35. Thank you! I like to try new things, and I've not had that much Indian food in my life, so I'm game.

Maintenance does scare me due to the way it's set up and how a normal Vegetarian eats, and I'd rather not do fake meats. I'm tired of them, and they weren't a huge part of my Vegetarian diet prior to IP. But it took some work to make Phase 1 work for me too, but it was all worth it.

So glad you're doing so well in maintenance! That's huge. I'm still not sure whenI'll be hitting it, as I keep lowering my goal weight, and I think I have 10 pounds or so left to lose. I'll take 145. I've been walking an hour a day since the 3rd week of IP (I walked before IP), and I can't weight to add in yoga and weigh lifting too. Once I lose the fat, I want to build up muscle again.

Do you post at all in the Maintainer's thread? I'd love to see you over there. I asked them for Vegetarian advice a few months ago, and there wasn't too much information there (Infoplease was great with information!).

Thanks again, vidyab35!
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