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Originally Posted by TripSwitch View Post
I'm not really sure that anyone "chooses" to become overweight or obese, especially considering the the negative stigma that is attached to it in our society... So then for me the more important question becomes what is it about what we're eating that could be possibly causing the problem?
That's very true.

I guess you could compare it to, say, someone who is in prison. They didn't really CHOOSE to be in prison, but they did choose the behavior which lead them to be in prison.

So, you're right. People don't necessarily choose to be overweight, but every time we eat it's a choice (what, when, how much etc), every time we choose to either be active or not to be active it's a choice. Being educated on those choices is definitely very important, some aren't, some are but still decide on things that promote being overweight.

As someone else said -- the obesity epidemic is much much more than just ONE thing. I suppose that's why it's such a difficult issue to tackle!
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