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Talking hiya!

I was about to add a 4th option but hit "post" before that. I also add tofu instead of paneer (cottage cheese) in a few Indian dishes. I don't know if you like Indian, but you can do Palak Paneer (spinach with chese; cheese substitued with tofu), tofu chilli etc. Let me know if you are interested, I can send you my recipes for them.

Maintainence was scary at first, I was not sure if I could do protien well being a vegetarian and all. But is has worked well so farafter a month and half of it at my goal weight of 145. Try to make sure you plan out your protien for each meal, that way there is no surprises and last minute pigging out due to hunger.. LOL. I also exercise 2-3 days a week and that helps a lot. You can do it!

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