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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
Genetics just may be another hurdle you have to jump; for most people it isn't a life sentence. There is a genetic predisposition in one side of my family, towards heaviness. I say genetic because I've seen first hand some very disciplined people do everything "right", and still always be carrying at least 30 extra pounds.

That being said - 30 extra pounds is a heck of a lot different than the 230 extra I ended up carrying. Did my genes figure into it? Probably. Did emotional and mental health issues that run in my family lead me and my father and a lot of my relatives to binging? Even more likely. But at the end of the day, bad food choices and lack of activity got me here, and my genetics are a minor hill to climb.
That's a really good point about the AMOUNT that seems to be perhaps harder for some than others. I definitely think that people have all variations of what weight is "comfortable" for their body, and then it's of course up to them whether or not to fight it. But I'm talkin' that 5 to maybe 30 pounds -- as you mentioned, defintely not enough to make a person obese.

I'm sure there are medical conditions that make people gain weight more readily, but a calorie excess is still needed. I'm even more sure that there are emotional and mental conditions that factor hugely into weight gain -- binge eating (*raises hand*), depression, anxiety etc etc. Those all may be (definitely are??? I don't know!) genetic, and therefore making weight loss more difficult.

It still comes down to lots of choices though doesn't it!? Seeking help for mental/emotional/physical issues. Doing the work to aid in healing said issues. It isn't just about weight, hardly ever anyway.
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