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Default Some Vege Protien options


I am vegetarian and have done these options that you have suggested. I am in maintainence for a month now and try to add protien in every meal. I have used the following other than what you have listed:

1) Make a green smoothie with spinach,kale and other green you can tolerate and add isolate protien powder. I use the one from Costco, Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey. This has 3 gm of carb and 30 gms of protien. That is half the protien I need in one shot! You can add fruits in the maintainence phase, so i do add frozen banana/blueberries somedays.

2) Morningstar Farms meatless Sausage patties with Mint Chutney for dinner! LOL.. I know not an usual combo but it works if you like your protien spicy with mint/coriander chutney. These have 4 gm net carbs and 10 gm of protien per patty, so I have about three of them for 8 oz of protien. You can get mint chutney in any Indian grocery nearby - either in freezer or otherwise.

3) I also use IP packets or EAS shakes now and then in my meal planning.

Hope that helps! The hardest thing being a vegetarian was eating outside of home where there are very few places with protien from vegetarian source.

Hang in there.. Good Luck!

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