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Default Do we even know what healthy looks like anymore?

As many of you 40-something ladies know by my posts in the Valentine's Day challenge thread - I have been feeling really challenged lately. I am up almost 10 lbs from my summer weight (in my ticker, which I refuse to change!). I've been feeling really bloated, heavy, and discouraged. However, that's not how people see me. I went to an event the other week where I had to get all dolled up. At least three different people came up to me and exclaimed that I must not be eating anything because I look so skinny. Over the past two weeks several people have asked me how I am losing so much weight, when I actually have been gaining weight!

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that the pounds I have put on are not showing yet. However, I can't understand how some people think I am losing weight? I don't look skinny at all to myself. I haven't gone down a clothing size in a long time. I am so frustrated by my lack of progress it's not even funny. I will say that the women who made comments that I must be starving myself are both overweight and trying to lose. Maybe we lose perspective on what is skinny, what is healthy, depending on our size. This could work either way - I don't know if I have a healthy grip on what is thin or fat anymore either - because to me I look, if not fat, certainly "thick."

I feel like our society operates in extremes - either overweight or underweight - with underweight being portrayed most often in the media. There aren't many good role models for normal/average weights. What does healthy look like?
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