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Congratulations on all the stars you are amassing, Arabella! They all count!

Thanks for sharing positive encouragement re the wheat free project that I sometimes call Wheatless Begorra lol because it is over three days after St. Paddy's Day!

I'm on Day 36, counting backwards, had some negative feedback about it in real life, not sure why, so do appreciate advice & good vibes.

In the final analysis, my body has the vote and my body and mood are having similar positive feelings as you describe. I've had some bad patches where I seemed to be "detoxing" from wheat and then I increasingly have a feeling of well being. Definitely some parameters are clicking in that I am either ascribing to a placebo effect or could it be NO WHEAT!

I know what you mean about the gluten free replacements for treats. I am not heavily into them and can't even imagine seeking a red velvet gluten free piece of cake. I have had moments of wanting something like bread and the first few days had a Van's wheat free waffle toasted with butter, then found a really nice gf raisin cinnamon bread and yesterday had one piece of that cold with butter. It was excellent but not really something I think I need long term.

For one thing, at the moment I am concerned with the rice flour in everything since there is a rice scare going on.

Another thing is I just don't believe I am going to need to really have exact substitutes. If I wanted sweet carbs, I could have a piece of dark chocolate.

Right now I am not focusing on gluten free, just on wheat free.

One bit of feedback that keeps popping up online among those who seem in the nutritional know is to have a blood test before going gluten free to, uh, see if you need to be gluten free.

I really don't see this as an issue for me because I am obviously not gluten intolerant and do not have celiac disease.

So I'm forging ahead at the moment and having fun with this.

In the meantime I had a massive amount of energy for weights today and did an hour, when honestly I've been down to the bare minimum for the past year.

So, we'll see.

Steps continue at 8,000 plus and I've decided that I have prescribed a RANGE of 8,000-10,000 and anything above that is gravy.

Wootness! Still waiting for some business things to click in and really, I'm not going to do anything much all day! Yay!

It is cold (37F) and still dark, even though we have passed First Light.

Thinking of all royals and shall fold tent and maybe go read for a while.

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