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Thumbs up Day 8

Five stars Saturday, just one on Sunday, four yesterday. Fell short on steps Sunday and yesterday but still walked substantially. Our storm lasted pretty much all weekend. Cleared up around 5 Sunday afternoon.

Am, the gong yoga sounds wonderful! My SIL has studied sound therapy and does sessions, which I've heard are amazing. It's all about vibration. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Re: wheat -- well, things that I noticed almost immediately were: more energy, fewer aches and pains, mental clarity, and a better mood. It was very striking. One day, years ago, I suddenly just felt GREAT. It was such a radical change from how I felt normally that I racked my brains trying to figure out what I'd done differently and that was what it seemed to come down to -- I hadn't eaten wheat the previous day. Have tested that hypothesis many times since and always seems to be proven.

Re: red velvet cake and wheaty junk -- there are a surprising number of wheat-free products now that are pretty good. My personal opinion is that the junky ones are hugely more successful than the healthy ones. I guess what I'm saying is, if you decide to stay wheat-free and ever want cookies or donuts, you can probably find some. Not sure if that is good news or bad, hey.

K, I'm just going to practice the Haydn Nelson Mass for our Good Friday performance and then scoot out for a walk while it's not raining. Yes, after last week's arctic temps and the weekend blizzard, that's what we've got today.

Huzzah to all! Let's make this a good one!


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