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Just passin' through this mornin' to see if anyone is in the palace lol.

I am on day 37 of the backward no wheat day count to the Vernal Equinox and enjoying the trip, more or less. Had some rocky moments and have to realize that in reality, I have eaten wheat all my life and probably more wheat than any other food substance has been the food rock on which I stood since a babe in arms.

Anyhow, having fun and finding out a lot of things.

I have cancelled the red velvet cake ban as it is unlikely that a wheat free red velvet cake is ever going to present itself to me and I wouldn't eat it if it did, so now I'm just down to staying wheat free and counting calories & exercising as usual.

Woot! Feeling a physical & mental alchemy beginning to process itself through my sphere & an uplift in spirit that has not been present for some time. Sure & begorra, so much clarity is spinning around in my wee brain. Is it leprechauns? Or is it the wheat, or lack thereof?

Marching forward.

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