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Hello ladies, glad to see some posts here..lots of times I talk to myself on the board.

Happy....thanks for x-mas wishes....Yeah meds can be a drag....I can't do them either. Glad you are getting the fm thing undercontrol....I think I have it then a big weather system comes through and wow...pain pain pain~!~ or I just do something that bothers me..most things do.

Hi Yami....yes msg is a killer and am finding pout salt is too....well I don't do salt but you get it in hidden in most things.....dh brought a meal home tonight and it was loaded with sodium..I like to cook my own and use no salt...this week has been bad.....

Mima..good to see you and gld your back surgery is helping..I am having back trouble...hurt it last summer, got better and now I hurt it again...have to use a cane sometimes to get around so I won't fall....just picking up something little will bother me...still taking down my lights and things form x-mas....

Our 1rst grandbaby will be here soon and we will travel a 3 and half hr trip to go see here..but not right away...the mother wants to rest a bit before having company.

Joanne and how are you doing and Meme????????
Candice~the late night owl
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