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Wow Holly..... Just 10 inches? Lol. That is a blizzard, shut everything down exept police and hospitals here.
I am sorry you are off the wagon. I am trying to stay on.... otherwise I am just throwing $ away... so I am hanging in there. I can't wait to see the first weigh in (Tuesday night).

Dawn glad you are back... hope the doctor goes well. Why is your son medicaling out?

Reda, how is BL? I know what you mean about WW giving free reighn... I guess the thing that helps me with the "new WW" is fruits and veggies are FREE.... so, if I run out of points I can knaw on some trees or something.

I did find something beneficial to the WW (and I am not pushing or plugging it)..... but since you have all the fruts and veggies for free (their theory is no one ever got fat on veggies... lol), I have been using them as fillers. Such as the other day I got brown beans for lunch, but I did not want to spend all my points on other items.... so I mixen in cauliflower (like potatoes) and had them.... I was stuffed by the time I was done. And, I read that you can put mushrooms in with hamburger meat and use it as a filler.... for much less points. So, we will see. Now, if I end up gaining weight this week after sticking to it to a "T".... I won't be so generous w the advise. Lol.

I am going to lurk a little and then do some studying for my next test in March. Gab at you later.....
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