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Huzzah, woot! Queen/Empress Am2 & all the fantasy diet companions in her wee little brain did march on down to the Sacred Grotto o' the Golden Scale this mornin' & did consult the Oracle o' the Golden Scale and it did say that the royal Am2, Goddess of the No Wheat Spring Science Experiment, HAD indeed lost .6 on the scale this week, putting her NOT EXACTLY IN THE 120s as she had planned to be on February 10, but STALKING THE 120s anyhow.

Almost there & verra happy. This doth not have to do with the wheat experiment as other than cutting out a WHOLE LOTTA JUNK FOOD THAT Am2 LIKES TO OVEREAT (cake, donuts, etc.), it is not believed in Amarantha Land that the wheat has anything to do with weight. However, Am2 continues feeling well wheatless & she marches on. This is the 38th day, counting backwards to the experimental end wheatless day. On that day, we in the Land will decide if we will continue wheatless, which is possible.

Woot! Pretty happy with the weight! This is NOT rapid weight loss but works for me!
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