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I always had them on my thighs and bum... They're white now (along with the rest of my skin that never sees the light of day, lol).

Once I went over 200lbs new, bright red ones showed up on the inside of my calves. I'm not happy about this at all, I thought I dodged that bullet! I just try to remember that barring any big illness happening *touch wood* this is the last big change I am putting my body through, losing 100lbs. So I guess all I can do is eat healthy as best I can, be happy, do exercise I love, live a good life and moisturise like a demon. I don't know if it really helps the stretch marks, but it's good for my skin anyway. Hopefully the new ones will fade with time and I can avoid getting too many more. Wish I had some advice, but I only have my perspective
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