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Huzzah, Arabella! Three stars is good, though.

You are doing great!

I like that idea of doing savasana and it is both yoga and meditation. Last year when I went through a rough patch I was taking a lot of new yoga classes at the gym. One was restorative yoga where we never left the floor and the assistant played bowls and they used a lot of oils and blankets and touching. It was quite heavenly but I got burned out on it anyhow because I was somewhat unhappy, I suppose. It should have helped but it didn't.

Then they started up a new hatha gong classes with the instructor playing the giant gong as we moved through pretty simple hatha work and then lay there at the end for gong meditation. There was also an hour a week of just gong meditation (yoga nidra with gong, I think they called it). I went to that once and it was glorious. But it all just took too much time and I somehow overtrained just lying there for the most part.

I should go back. The gong is pure heaven.

Not sure why but I always fight what helps me and yoga is one of those things.

Anyhow, yea, exercise does take a lot of time when one covers everything one needs to cover. Guess that is why I'm reducing the step goal. I want to do it all lol.

Doing well again with the wheat freedom. Cals a little higher today.

Have a great rest of the day, royals! Woot!

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