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Hi Everyone,

I had a 1 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday night. I was proud of it, because I worked it hard! Now I'm working for another 1-2 lb loss this week.

Carri: Thanks for sharing that recipie. This is something that my hubby and I could have..mine would be without the chicken but I could add black beans and rice for mine and then the veggies in and he could have the veggies and the chicken. He thought it sounded good.

I laughed when I read your post about the tetnus shot. Those things make your arm really sore. I am bad because my doctor said I should probably get one since I haven't had one in a long time and I just kept quiet about it and got out of their before she mentioned it again! lol

Dee & Carri: The Batchelor is getting really good isn't it? I could not believe he kept Tierra over the other girls he let go. Tierra is so nasty acting.

Alyssa: Good for you for getting that pizza weight off! I think it is good that you made a appointment with the doctor to see what is going on with your foot.

We have a funeral to attend today--my DH's boss passed away. His children have been running the business for the past two years as their dad had a brain tumor and it finally took him.

I'll see you all tomorrow.
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