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I've been struggling more in the last couple months (last 10 pounds or so) than in allllll the rest of the months and pounds. Seriously every single little pounds makes a difference at this point. I have a bad weekend my pants are TIGHT on Monday. It makes it so I can't get too off track or I'll literally have nothing that fits. In a way it's good, in a way it sucks. I've only been in this weight range (low 140s/high 130s) since Mid-December so I'm no expert at maintenance! But I've tried to switch focus to building muscle and making sure I eat enough so it doesn't trigger binges. If I get too hungry at this point I'm a freaking crazed rabid hyena!

I wouldn't have thought so 90+ pounds ago, but feeling hungry is more unbearable now then it was back then. I can't stand to feel starving, before I almost welcomed it because I knew I was making progress (I'm just talking hunger from a normal calorie deficit, nothing crazy).

I definitely don't feel like I'm at "goal" body-wise, but I'm ok with my weight.

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