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Morning Ladies….I had a really good OP day yesterday…I made the BEST chicken fajitas for dinner, so good …the marinade was the key …I cut up my three raw chicken breasts into strips and put them in this marinade I got online:
2 T olive oil
1 T lime juice
1 garlic clove minced
t chili powder
t cumin
t hot pepper flakes
t black pepper
t salt
I just mixed it all in a gallon freezer bag, thru my raw chicken in and sort of mushed it around …let it marinade in fridge for 30-40 minutes and then grilled on my grilled pan on stove…on my other grilled pan I grilled sliced red pepper, sliced green pepper, and a sweet onion ( I first tossed them in a little olive oil and salt and pepper ) ….had it that all on corn tortillas with only a little bit of sour cream ( no cheese ) and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good…I will be making these again…also works well on lean steak if you wanted beef fajitas…and I haven’t done it but I bet would also be good on shrimp fajitas. The possibilities are endless, haha

So glad today is Friday…it’s cold and gloomy here today but I will take it !!!!

Had my blood drawn this morning for my annual physical and got a Tetnis shot …so am anxious to get the blood work numbers back and see how I’m doing and what needs to be fixed ( if anything ), besides needing to lose weight.

Susie – what I said is very true…we just need to be honest, we are all gonna stumble, I do it weekly ….none of us expect anyone to be perfect, that is why if I binge or go way over calories I just say so…

Dee and Susie – I am all caught up on The Bachelor now as of last night and GOOD LORD that Tierra is an attention whore ….get her off the show, why can’t he see thru her craziness ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Alyssa – good for you for getting a little extra weight off , always makes you feel better to get back down where you were after a bloat huh? Haha …everytime I read about your ds and the bullying it just infuriates me…I can’t stand that kids have to be so mean and make an innocent child worry and suffer…and now to hear that it is a group !!! Kids are awful sometimes…I hope that someone did talk to them and they have backed off for good…

Hi Mel, Liz, LeeAnn and anyone I forgot …hard to keep up sometimes…

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food 2/7
Breakfast: 2 whole grain Eggo waffles with one T of peanut butter ( 240 cals )
Lunch: 3 chicken strips, applesauce ( 440 cals )
Snack – Wheat Thins ( 140 cals )
Dinner – 3 corn tortillas ( 120 cals ), 3 T Sour Cream ( 90 cals ), chicken with peppers 4 oz ( 250 cals including marinade )
Snack – cup of choc fiber cereal ( 80 cals ) and cup lactose free milk ( 100 cals )
Total for day : 1460

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