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hey guys! let me have my little rant here before i get into personals... yesterday sucked. first of all, there was no snow. not that i like snow mind you (I'm from Canada) but they just hyped us all up about this damn snow day and to have it not happen sucked. the ride to school was gross as predicted, but the actual school day was ok. my "bad" class with the mean girl in it was even quite possibly my best class of the day, which just makes no sense. lol. and then i came home and i was really tired... i thought i would work myself up to working out, even put on my workout gear and everything, and then it was like 10pm and i decided that it was too late to be jumping around and waking the neighbours, and i just didn't want to, so i just went to bed. i was also feeling grumpy most of the day, and cuz bf had not replied to me all afternoon/evening and the last thing he'd told me was that he was going to have dinner with a friend, but f*ck, it made me so cranky. and then i was feeling so angry that i just had the munchies, and i ate two little peanut snacks, which isn't really bad but i know i really shouldn't have eaten them cuz i wasn't hungry. i had to steele myself really hard to not eat a whole lot more too... i know that this excessive grumpiness is due to TOM, but man, it sucks. this morning, i still feel grumpy (though not as bad as yesterday...) and am trying to put myself in the mood to workout and it's not going too well. lol. meh. why does being a woman have to suck so much???

so anyways. i got rid of my previous ticker cuz scale said 169.8 this morning! lol. at least that's good. and i only have to go to school from 3:30 to 4:30pm for English club (lame, i know...) so i could sleep in and i have time to get my workout in proper. i'm gonna start Body Revolution today!

kisskiss: yeah, i teach english in Tokyo! and it never snows here so people have no idea how to deal with it when it does...

habsfan: hello! welcome! are you from Montreal?? cuz, your screen name! I'm from Montreal! though i don't like hockey, haha... but hearing about it is kinda unavoidable if you're from there. good luck with everything!

penmage: mwahaha, you "man food" story made me laugh... next time you should make sure to bring some snacks!

peachflesh: haven't had that problem cuz i have waaaaaaay too many clothes!! (i'm a shopaholic... it's a problem really) but sounds to me like this is the universe telling you that you need to keep going with your weightloss! lol. it's gonna be a really good feeling when that muffin-top goes away! ^^ if they really are that much too small though, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a pair that actually fits. it's good to have an incentive to lose weight, but it's also not good to look in the mirror and feel gross cuz your clothes don't fit you properly. i don't think it would be a waste of money (unless you're really broke right now). if you feel confident, you're more likely to succeed!

bea: yeah... stupid TOM... *grumbles*... but yay for your news!! that sounds great! i really hope you can get the job!

softspeaker: welcome! jump in, and rant about your problems! lol.

kaelah: well done for resisting temptation! that's huge! mwhaha... i'll leave you your snow, thanks. i'm actually quite glad it didn't snow cuz it means i don't have to worry about what shoes to wear when i go out... i just wanted the day off

oh i forgot! one good thing did happen yesterday!! I went to the bathroom one time while I was at school, and i had a kinda lightbulb moment! lol. i was wearing this purple knit sweater that i love cuz it's sooo soft, but i hadn't worn it in over a month or two, i'm pretty sure (see above for the mention of my having too many clothes...) and i just looked at myself in the mirror and realized that it fit way differently than the last time i wore it, and i was kinda just turning around and examining myself every which way before i finally went "huh... i guess i really did become smaller!" lol. it was such a weird feeling, haha... but i good one! especially since i've just officially lost 20lbs!!!

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