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Hey girls! I hope everyone has been having a good, successful week so far. Happy Hump Day.

I've been on-plan all week and even resisted a big craving today! Pizza! We used to order pizza once a week, usually on Fridays, and it's one of my favorites. I haven't had it since I started back up with calorie counting. Today, the craving hit me hard! It doesn't help that I have gift codes for THREE free pizzas at one of the restaurants around here. I had enough calories to spare to have two slices (700+ calories!), so as soon as the craving hit, I decided I would order it. But then my mind caught up with my mouth, and I remembered that giving into temptations this easily is one of the biggest reasons I got to be this big! I know I HAVE to train myself to resist this kind of stuff instead of making snap decisions. I remembered reading that someone here said that, when a craving hits, they tell themselves that they will have it tomorrow if they still really want it. So, that's what I decided to do. I also come home and made a Flatout pizza, which was less than 300 calories for the whole thing. It did a great job of satisfying the craving without spending a ton of calories on a whim. I feel really great about it!

Soft Speaker: Hi!

bea: Congratulations on both the good interview and the new weight!

peach: Oh, I hate moving! But I love living in a new place. I've moved every year for the past SEVEN years, and we plan on buying a house in the near-ish future. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

penmage: TOO funny! I hope you were able to go get some good food to go along with your stale crackers!

habsfan: Welcome and good luck!

kisskiss: Best of luck to you! I did online dating for awhile but didn't like it much. Funny that I met my partner online anyway! Not at a dating site, but on a forum where we weren't even looking for a relationship. Funny how things work out.

Kawaii: Love the whooshes but hate the waiting in between! Sorry about the lack of snow- we have had a ton here in Michigan, so feel free to take some!
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