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Hi Ladies. I wasn't going to come here to post tonight because I have been doing so well food and exercise until about and hour ago and I just totally blew my calories. The reason is that I just let myself get to hungry and I'm too tired.

We have some new software that we are learning and I have been in trainings yesterday and today and then catching things up for work for a couple of hours in the evening at home. I thought I could do it and just push on through but I was only kidding myself.

I wanted to hide, but what good is that going to do me and so I knew when I came here and say Carri's post about being truthful when she here I am being truthful.

Carri: Thank you for being inspiring to me. I am one who works so hard at doing it perfectly and I just have to realize that I won't be sometime and it doesn't mean I start over but rather I just go on....I might lose a fight one day but I haven't lost the battle yet.

Dee is right you really need to catch up on the Batchelor and also Biggest Loser. They both have been good.

Dee: I knew you would be wondering where I was at. That was another reason I logged on...I needed to let you know that I am ok...a little down for the count today....but ok.

I will DVR Nashville tonight. There is no way I will make it to 11 tonight to watch it all.

Thanks for sharing your grazing and how you are going to get passed it. Sometimes it is ok to miss a meeting when you know that the weight gain is just going to be temporary due to a special event like Sunday was and that next week the gain will be gone.

Ok..I'm going to get off the computer and relax for a bit, empty the dishwasher and then maybe watch The Middle and then go to bed.

I am one tired girl!
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