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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
Cyndi, why not post some of your favorites here ?
I don't want to derail this thread. I will post recipes of my own but I'd rather not draw traffic away from these blogs by posting their recipes here. I want them to get plenty of traffic so they keep posting Just a warning - my recipes tend to be very flexible.

Breakfast Porridge (great to wake up to on a cold morning)
2 cups whole grain - I like 1 cup steel cut oats, 1/2c quinoa, and 1/2c wheat, spelt, or rye berries for texture
6 cups water or nondairy milk
dried fruit
1 banana
lots of cinnamon

Cook on low overnight. I've cooked as long as 8 hours.

fresh or frozen fruit
chopped nuts
If using dried fruit I add it with the grains, if using fresh I stir it in before serving.

I rarely add sweetener if I use the banana. This makes enough for the week here. It's great leftover either reheated or add an egg and make a pancake.
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