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Hey guys...
I used to post here a ton and lost about 40 lbs doing LAWL on here but gained it all back and then some when I got pregnant with twins and then of course the stress eating of raising them with very little help.

Hubby and I are doing DASH diet for weight loss now and it reminds me a lot of LAWL. I am pulling out some of my old tricks. Has anyone tried it? I haven't weighed myself but hubby's lost at least 10 lbs (he didn't weight until a week in or so) and I am not weighing myself this time but I can tell a big difference in my pants already. It was just too overwhelming to weigh myself knowing what size I was in, so I decided since I have fat pants all the way down to skinnyI will just try to guage by how my clothes are fitting and hopefully hubby's lbs lost will mostivate me since we are doing the same thing.
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