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Kawaii: Some kids can be just mean. Esp. girls! Sorry TOM has you down. I can run a little crazy during TOM.

Lisa: What do you do, if you don't mind me asking? You seem to be always on the go!!

KissKiss: have fun on Friday! Do you know where you're going?

Habsfan: Hey! Welcome! Looking at BMI kind of helps but not really. It gives you an idea of what might be a good weight to start looking to, but I wouldn't count the BMI as the end all goal either though. lol. Sorry, not much help!!

Penmage: Oh no!! You're definitely hanging out with a bachelor!

Peachflesh: When I started all of this junk in July, I was resigned to not buy anything at all unless it was work out clothes or stuff in atleast 2 sizes smaller. But then I needed some and LaneBryant was have a bogo free so my mom bought me some. And now they're the only pants I own that it well. I bought a couple pairs in the next size down from Torrid during a crazy sale for like $5 a pair. So in like 15 pounds those will come in handy!

Ok, so, I am really really excited. I just got back from a second interview at Maurice's. It's so weird. They called me up on Monday and asked if I would want to interview tomorrow (Tuesday)? And I was like sure. But I don't even remember submitting my application. After my interview with the assistant manager I interviewed they scheduled another with the gm for today! And now she's going to call me back to schedule an interview with a manager who has more experience. It is so unexpected. And it is only for a couple of hours a week which is perfect for school and working out and managing relaxing time. And it would be really nice, because she said that I would be in line for a management spot by the time I graduate!! It was so unexpected but now I really hope it works out! Eek!!

I am finally feeling able to change my ticker to my current weight! I feel like I am finally steady here!
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