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@Arctic Mama it isn't willpower that is required but saying no to yourself and refusing to give in.

Not to turn this into a debate about Free Will...but I'm not sure how that ISN'T the definition of willpower that most people use and struggle with. It's the sticking to the 'NO' that's the problem.

@sontaikle Heh heh, I'd love to just be able to manage, but I'm pretty trigger happy. And by that I mean I can have a 100 calorie pack of almonds (YUM)....but then have two more. And maybe some fruit and cheese. And before long I'll have a whole meal's worth of calories for a snack. It can be pretty terrible.

Also, your icon cracks me up. XD

I don't think I had enough calories and should eat at home today (grr, hope I don't binge), but I'm going to try to pack enough to not have to at home tomorrow. Good luck to me, and thanks for the suggestions. I've got quite a few options.
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