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Hi Girls, Pretty 'quiet' here this week

Carri, OMG u gotta catch-up on The Batchelor asap, last week & this week Both had Tiera crap going & who Sean sends home this week is sad, 3 girls & 2 r wonderful. R u preheating your t.oven, the temp.thermostats on the small ones r not very accurate, like the medium/large ones r so keep playing w your temps I read e-pinions, con.reports & Amazon ratings prior to buying appliances because I've been screwed in the past. Both of our t.ovens fit on my counter & I understand about limited space, thats why I set our bigger t.oven on my bakers rack shelf. Guys r cute w gadgets, mine played w his sandwich-maker & made eggs & put brownie mix & muffin mix, etc. till it died & went to the infomercial graveyard Then he got a small George Foreman grill & it died, next his Black & Decker t.oven that he is still using. Occasionally dh helps me being my sous chef, but he loves grilling outdoors (w cherry, fruit woods) for our meals the best on his charcoal grill & uses non-toxic charcoal. Did u watch the Taste last night, good again! I'll miss it when its over. The Voice will b good w Shakira & Usher as judges! Carri go watch your Batchelor shows now, so we can chat about them

Susie, where r uuuuuu What did u think of the 2 Batchelor shows this week? 'Nashville' is New tonight & also Greys Anatomy tomorrow Summer will b here soon & we'll b sooo busy in the pool-lake/garden/yard/camping; so I'm enjoying my tv right now & staying warm.

Breakfast: 1 banana & vanilla protein shake.
Lunch: 2 baked potatos w baked carrots & gravy, lemonade.
Supper: 1 slice lasagna & 1 c. coleslaw, lemon meringue pie, hot tea.
snacks: hot tea, 1 glass wine.

Have a good week everyone
Today happens just "Once" ..... Enjoy your day Dee. "I Like to Move It--Move It" from the Madagascar movie.

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