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Ask yourself "What Gives?" According to your ticker you've lost 120 pounds. WOW!!! What has changed? What were you doing before that you're not doing now -- Or what weren't you doing that you're doing now?

Have you been "out of control" before while you were losing the 120 pounds? Why, or why not? Something has changed.

You have two choices -- don't eat in the evening, or plan ahead to eat. If you're going to continue the eating, allow x number of calories and then eat that many calories -- sugar free pudding or sugar free jello with lite cool whip, or popcorn, or fruit, etc. Myself, I drink tea, and drink tea, and drink tea. If I'm craving sweet, it's the sugar free pudding. If I crave salty, it's the popcorn.

You obviously have demonstrated that you can succeed in losing weight. Are you suddenly getting compliments and has that maybe scared you a bit -- that sometimes happens. Your loss is an inspiration to me -- I've lost about 70 pounds and have a way to go -- it's great seeing others on this site that have been successful like you.

Hang tough - you'll get past this bump in the road!
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