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Originally Posted by coolacrity View Post
Guys. Uhm. A lot of the things that I overeat on ARE healthy things, usually. Like salad. I'll go to town on a salad. I was just explaining what happened tonight. (And I can't control everything in the house, I live with someone else. She's supportive, but at the same time she fussed at me when I asked her to keep stuff away from me. "Where's your willpower??" she says. Well, I'm having a hard time with it, obviously.)

I plan my day, yes, I really do (not writing down, but I'll think out my whole day). But that hasn't helped.

Maybe changing my routine will help.
Bottom line - it has nothing to do with willpower. On some level of your brain, for some reason, you are giving yourself permission to eat these foods, in these quantities, regardless of your plan or hunger cues. You need to get to the root of it and CHOOSE to stop.

It isn't something mythical or mysterious, it is a conscious choice your mind is making based on some rationalization. If your plan suits your lifestyle and body, so that the impulse to eat isn't physiological in nature or due to a deficiency/blood sugar swings/etc, it isn't willpower that is required but saying no to yourself and refusing to give in. Will makes the case sound moral and it isn't - it is a rational choice, one that can be made regardless of our emotional state. The food isn't prying your mouth open and you're not so starving that the physiological compulsion overrides all else. Thus, use your brain and say NO to yourself on whatever level you've permitted laxity. If you're not willing or able to so that I'd say it's a pretty firm signal you're better off maintaining until you are. Because without that choice, this will be an ongoing struggle for you.

That's my best advice as someone who has been there And I second low carb, that has helped me immensely in terms of satiety, but boredom/emotional eating is still it's own hurdle that needs managing regardless of the plan you're on.
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