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Originally Posted by coolacrity View Post

@sontaikle Totally eating out of boredom. I usually eat during the one TV program I watch per night during the week, so it's pretty frenzied boredom. I stopped the recording schedule for it this morning, really hoping that'll help.
If you find you are going crazy cutting out boredom eating entirely, it might help to do as I suggested. I find that managing it instead of trying to eliminate it completely has kept me on track.

Trying to eliminate it completely just drove me insane. Maybe it's better and healthier to not boredom eat at all, but not for me. That means my eating will be completely off track otherwise.

It's very easy to take a 100 cal bag of almonds and just sit there and eat, not having to worry about going overboard (I sneak them into the movies) or eat a piece of fruit in front of the TV, etc.

Sure, I may not get the satisfaction as if I were sitting down for a meal and paying attention to what I was eating, but at least I didn't polish off a whole giant bag of something!
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