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Becoming less fleshy.
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thanks for the well wishes! i felt much better after some rest and fluids.

kiss: Iíve known ppl who have had great luck w online dating! Iím anxious to hear how it goes

kawaii: boo no snow day, boo loads of traffic (canít even imagine!), boo tom! bad morning! hopefully you have a better day.

bea: that diet sounds a little iffy, glad you decided against it. and donít worry about workouts after surgery, just keep eating properly.

hotaru: sounds like you are not having fun! murderous 6th graders and bike-stealing wind?! holy crap. is your time there almost over? hope the annoying-ness doesnít trigger you.

lisa: youíre a machine! 2 a-days planned on a business trip?? nice! have fun.

habs: hey there! upping your exercise def couldnít hurt! are you on any sort of eating plan too? my goal weight is sort of arbitrary; itís just what i weighed when i was about 16 or so. no idea if itís possible or healthy. :P but, gotta have the eye on some sorta prize, right?

penmage: arenít boys funny! hope you enjoyed your stale crackers (ew!) haha


a few weeks ago the button popped off my fat jeans (unrelated to weight gain, theyíre just old... i think), but i continued to wear them. then last week, the zipper broke, rendering them completely unwearable. so iíve been forced to wear a pair of not-so-fat jeans that are completely too small. owwww they hurt my muffin top! iím pretty sure theyíve squishing my appendix or ovaries, or something, bc ow, but i refuse to get new jeans. anyone else have this problem?

todayís my day off. hubs and i are moving soon, so iím packing up a storm, and plan to take my dog for a run and do some yoga. have a good day, all!
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