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Morning Ladies ….been doing pretty well ( most of the time ) food wise but yesterday had a not so good day …I did show some restraint ( no soda haha ) but was way over calories…I’d rather be truthful with you guys when I stumble rather than act like it is all roses and I’m doing great …truth is, it’s gonna be a life long struggle with ups and downs …but worth it….I am gonna go by the 80/20 rule that I said yesterday …well really for me it will be 90/10

Just got done having my breakfast ….2 whole grain Eggo waffles with one wedge of cinnamon Laughing Cow cream cheese spread….was pretty good, but I like the strawberry LC cheese better.

I was gonna make low cal chicken fajitas tonight but looks like dh is going over to a friends house, so I guess we will have them tomorrow.

Dee – Thanks for all the toaster oven ideas…I am LOVING mine…am using it daily…the only problem is that I got a pretty small one and it won’t fit a bigger pizza, just the small single one’s …so dh is not in love with that, haha …but I didn’t want a huge one because I don’t have the counter space….for Christmas dh’s parents bought me an actual oven that sits on your counter with a rotisserie in it …and that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not what I asked for…I actually gave it back to them to return and bought my smaller one…like it better. The one issue I am having , and hoping you can help with, is that most foods don’t have a toaster/convection directions on them and I am having to guess at time and temp …like last night I baked some fries in there and just had to guess…seemed like it took forever …so obviously I was too low on temp or something.

Susie – Yes, I did have a favorite commercial, the Budweiser Clydesdale ( sure I am misspelling that ) one, where the horse remembered the guy ….woo hoo Ravens !!! The Farmer commercial was my second favorite ….it was just VERY good….I don’t remember the Tide one…I must have been doing something else.
Well I did feel smaller until yesterday, now I have the bloat back, haha …although last night dh put his arms around me and said “you feel smaller”, so I guess he feels it too …

Hi Liz, Mel, Victoria, LeeAnn, and everyone else I have forgotten ( and lurkers ), hope you all have a good day.

I am so far behind on the Bachelor so NO spoilers, lol ….I need to watch last weeks, Monday’s and I didn’t even know one was on last night …I am REALLY behind…haven’t watched this weeks Biggest Loser either …

Okay Girls, later.

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