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some of the things i've done in the past:
- junk food that is for someone else. I don't eat it. it is not there for me. if i eat it, it would be like stealing
- i don't have junk food for my kids. No one actually needs it. Yes, they do need more calories than i do, but they can eat healthy calories
- it isn't enough for me to plan out my food in my head. i have to write it down ahead of time. Then i also have to write in everything else i ate. If i have to document it (ideally right before i eat it), i am way less likely to eat off plan. There is something about seeing the list of every lick, taste and bite that helps
- i avoid getting in to discussions with myself about having it. If i start argueing with myself (eg. a few carrots will be okay, i end up eating half the bag). best to be clear the answer is no till supper time than deal with the slippery slope
- change something physically in your house. i put a chair to the entrance of my kitchen for a while. It was a good reminder i had no reason to be in there!
-re-evaluate when you eat. It may be that in the evening is a more natural time for you to eat. Maybe you need a smaller breakfast and lunch and a more substantial snack later in the day to allow for those calories you are taking in. Then make a plan and stick to it and then re-evaluate
i know when my body is about to have a <whoosh> i often feel like i want to eat and eat and eat. I think of it as the way my body is trying to hold on to that fat. If i can recognize it and ignore it, i often see s <whoosh> a couple of days later.

good luck!
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