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Originally Posted by coolacrity View Post
Guys. Uhm. A lot of the things that I overeat on ARE healthy things, usually. Like salad. I'll go to town on a salad. I was just explaining what happened tonight. (And I can't control everything in the house, I live with someone else. She's supportive, but at the same time she fussed at me when I asked her to keep stuff away from me. "Where's your willpower??" she says. Well, I'm having a hard time with it, obviously.)

I plan my day, yes, I really do (not writing down, but I'll think out my whole day). But that hasn't helped.

Maybe changing my routine will help.
Are you eating out of boredom? I used to do that all the freaking time. Now I drink tea, water, or diet soda instead. I may have to pee all the time but I stay within my calories!

I also keep room within my daily calories to allow for my boredom eating so I can still "indulge." I'll portion out whatever it is I want to eat and eat that ONLY and only that amount. If I have a big bag of pistachios, for example, I'll count out 25, put them on a plate and sit down and eat them. Mindlessly, if I want to.

100-200 cal set aside for a little boredom snacking/eating can sometimes save my sanity.
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