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I went to the grocery store tonight to pick up a celebration cake for DS and wife. While there I saw they had smoked paprika. Have any of you used that spice? My DD told me yesterday that I needed to get some. She uses it in everything! So I tried it. It was really good! Chicken, noodles, Alfredo sauce, and some cheese, with the smoked paprika on it was my concoction. It kind of lends a bacon taste, without the bacon! Now, I've eaten it all, and am STUFFED!

The job is not better. It's only been confirmed that I need to consider something else to keep my sanity!

Sorry about the car Holly. LOL at your unchairitable thoughts of the sellers. You are hardly a failure! You gals have all done so good!

Tammy, good luck with WW. I tried going to WW a couple years ago. I was quite amazed how grown women (including me) would get so wrapped up to get their next award....the little sticker to go in your book. It was like getting a gold star in first grade!! It works. That is why they are a success! They quit having meetings in our little town.

Hoping for a break from snow sometime soon!

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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