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S/C/G: 190/*see ticker*/130

Height: 5'4"


namaste: way to go to you too! you just flew down those 220's!

lisa: you won the bet? that's awesome!!

bea: that sounds like a good plan! no, i won't have the same students next year except my returnees. i'll be teaching the 1st years again, so thank god i only have a few more classes with that evil little girl...

ok so i'm really cranky cuz it's not snowing at all this morning, just a lot of heavy rain. though apparently the trains are running at 70% which means that i will probably be late and the ride to school will be highly unpleasant... i dunno if you've ever seen pictures of the rush hour in tokyo, but trains are already PACKED when there's a train coming every 2 minutes... what's it gonna be like if they come only every 10 minutes?? i don't wanna think about it... T_T

scale said the same this morning, which is all well and good considering the woosh i just had. and TOM showed it's ugly face this morning, which is not helping my mood! lol.

hope everyone has a good day!

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