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hotaru: why thank you haha, i didn't know you could buy those sukiya patches, but i often make fake gyudon cuz i buy the meat at the meat shop and i cook it with onion and lots of cabbage!

peach: haha, well it wasn't meant to be funny cuz they really make me whimper and cry! but yeah i hope you feel better!

kisskiss: wow, you've lost a lot of weight! well done! i've done online dating before... honestly, i've had better luck with it in Japan than back in Canada, but i don't think it's a bad way to meet people. good luck!

bea: that sounds like a strange diet!! but if you do it only for a short time i guess it could work. anything that's really different than what you've been doing should shock your body into losing weight.

Hey guys! already the end of Tuesday over here. i'm having a rest day today, mostly because i am so bone-tired and i've had no time to workout. i had dinner with Rie tonight and she gave me a copy of Jillian's Body revolution (eheh) and so i'm excited to start trying it tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, it's possible we might get a snow day. my school was all in a huff today that classes might be cancelled tomorrow cuz it's supposed to snow... but honestly, i don't think it's gonna get cold enough for it and it's probably just gonna be gross sleet/rain/sh*t... i really hope we get the day off because it's my "sh*t" day at that school. i got my 2 crazy classes in the afternoon, with my one bad student so i would LOVE being able to skip it for a week. haha.

this morning the scale was still down so i moved my ticker! and i made new one since i'm almost done with this one!! i'm making tickers with little goals this time around instead of a big one... i wanted to be 170 by valentine's Day and now I wanna be 160 by April 1st, which is the beginning of the new school year over here. I think that would be awesome!

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