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Originally Posted by pluckypear View Post
The study neither proves or disproves anything. I am sure we can get by with little water if we must. And the water industry line I get but who still buys bottled water? I thought with all the knowledge on how it effects the environment that fad was waning. I don't personally know anyone who does that anymore. I was guilty of it but committed to buying no more water ages ago. I carry a glass bottle to fill from a tap. I do realize many people in the world do not have such access a thus my above statement is only directed to a small slice if our world.
I know I love water it is my favourite drink. I have great skin. I am regular. Yes still fat so does not cure that. Lol I feel great when I drink water. I rarely have headaches, maybe once per year and get a cold once per year. I cannot prove a correlation of course. But all good things can be overdone.
Oh trust me, people who buy bottled is going strong. At work there are DOZENS of half drank plastic water bottles in the fridge. I use a pur filter/filtered water bottle at work. But I have one co-worker who swears her doctor told her to never drink from tap.

Personally I love to drink water. I can drink a ton of it. When I drink pop/coffee excessively, I feel so thirsty all the time and it makes a viscous pop-buying-drinking cycle. With water, I can feel satisfied. I don't really drink my bodyweight in it. I just try to make sure I get at least 8 cups a day. But I also sweat a lot at work.
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