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Peachflesh: Feel better! I haven't had a scale in ages, and I'm kinda terrified to see what it looks like when I get one again...I've been good, but not knowing is painful >.<

KissKiss: You'll be in the 180s in no time. In terms of online dating, I half-met my boyfriend on okcupid...I say half-met because we were working at the same place and he only actually started talking to me more than a polite "hello" or two after he found my profile and realized that we had a lot in common. That being said, I went on single dates with a few creepers too. I second Bea's suggestion of driving yourself...for her reason and also because if you're not feeling 100% comfortable with a situation, having your own transportation is a HUGE weight off of your chest.

Bea: That diet kinda sounds like a *******ized version of a crash thing I tried in high didn't work especially well, if I recall, and honestly if you're feeling dizzy when full, I might be concerned about some blood sugar issues or something. Most of those things say you can't make substitutions or do things like add peanut butter, but they also rarely live up to their claims. In any case, good luck.

Today was a REALLY rough day. My 6th graders are trying their hardest to drive me up a wall, and it's working pretty well. When instructed to write a story to present to the class, one group wrote one about violently murdering each other. THAT was fun. Presentations are next class, so we'll see if I come out of that with even the smallest shred of sanity still intact...

Also, the wind here is stupid. I went to leave this morning and found all of the bikes in the bike port either blown over or strewn across the parking lot. The f-ing wind is strong enough to drag a fallen bike 10 feet over the course of a When I told my JTE about it this morning, she shrugged and told me that the wind only gets worse over the next few months. Seriously can't wait to be home...

Mini Goal: 170 lbs by August 11th (It'll be a very happy birthday indeed)--Reached 7/25/12
Mini Goal #2: Normal BMI (under 155 lbs)--Reached 12/3/12
5 lbs gets me a dragonfly:

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