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Here's a little update on my 21-day challenge as the eating day has closed and I am going to bed and watching Biggest Loser (exciting life). I've almost aced two of the three weeks and really am enjoying this challenge, will possibly repeat it.

Except for a stint on another website years ago, I've never posted my exact calorie counts online, though I've done my share (maybe more than my share) of diet forums, for better or worse. But I've found that calorie counts can be TMI sometimes as people have all different ideas of what other people should be eating and how much. However, I've enjoyed doing this challenge and am posting it in a few places and moving on to the third week. Might even do another 21 days after I finish this one, maybe add a new rule to the mix as well.

Eating day finished, going to watch Biggest Loser and call it a night (such an exciting life I lead lol)!

21-Day Challenge, 1900 Calories or Less
Day 1: 1890
Day 2: 1610
Day 3: 1525
Day 4: 1490
Day 5: 1785
Day 6: 1875
Day 7: 1760
Day 8: 1685
Day 9: 1470
Day 10: 1680
Day 11: 1845
Day 12: 1495
Day 13: 1870
Day 14: TBD

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