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Hello Everyone

Carri, TY for starting our #8 thread. U asked about toaster-oven use. My dh has his own 6 slice oven & he toasts everything: melting cheese on bread/buns, melts marshmallows onto brownies, reheats: pizza/waffles/pancakes, broils steaks-bakes frozen pot-pies I made, etc. Dh uses it more than the microwave. I got it for him after he made a 'disaster' inside my IRON Chef, broiler/convection/toaster oven, its a 8 slice oven, bakes a 12" pizza; I bought it 11 yrs ago & use it almost daily Why I like w using the convection/toaster ovens: a spare oven to bake smaller food, casseroles, broiling meats/veggies, baking a 1 layer cake/pie, etc. quick cooking, keeping the range oven available for large items. He loves his size of toaster oven & I love mine but I had him bend the metal handle of my 12 cupcake pan to fit inside, that way I don't have to heat-up my big oven for a 1/2 recipe for our night-time snacks They also cook faster, so they r energy efficient & we reduce the timing by about 7-10 minutes; I leave the food inside for the remaining minutes because the heat inside cooks yummy. Like for a lazy brunch/supper: make cinnamon rolls the night before & bake in the toaster oven next day (warm & delicious) & fry your bacon strips in a glass pie-plate/cover w a paper towel inside your microwave & fry eggs/omelets on the range/electric frypan, plus juice/fruit. A fun-effortless-fast Yummy meal everything is finished @ the same time to serve & eat.

Alyssa, if your son knows 'when' the bully-kids normally r being mean to him, how about having 'your sons' friends being there @ that time & possibly the bully will back-off; "strength in numbers" sometimes works; maybe the bully is testing your son & he is bullied @ his home by his family & he needs intervention w a counselor. Does the bully also attack other kids @ school, if Yes, its time to get the other parents together & visit the school principal/superintendent & a school-board meeting to make this 'public' because nobody/child/adult should b abused & No one wants a child/teen attacked/murder/suicide in their community. The other parents of their bullied kids can help your son & b your strenghth w ending this problem.

Sue, I'm watching the Batchelor & Yes, Sean is the whole package I see why they r falling for him. I totally agree w Carri about the girls that need to leave ASAP & the same girls grate on my nerves too & I'm happy Amanda left. Is anyone watching Downton Abbey on PBS, I'm hooked on it. So nice that your dh is joining U @ the Y tonight, you'll have much more fun w him there w U & sitting in the sauna/hot-tub afterwards I'm passing on my meeting/WI this week & will go next week I'm up 1# today.
Sunday I grazed all afternoon on: 1 bag of Lays Low-salt potato chips scooping 1 container of 2% cottage cheese on them & I also ate 1, 12 oz. bag of Brach's Bridge mix chocolates.

Breakfast: skim milk, muffin, hot tea & shame on me/Sunday grazing.
Lunch: veggie salad, hot cocoa.
Supper: grilled cheese/bacon sandwich, cole slaw, water.
The next few days I'll b eating lighter to get rid of the extra salt I ate on Sunday & just drink hot tea for my snacks, lots of water flushes out the salt.

Have a great week girls
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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