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Kawaii: I def. didn't see it on Broadway. If only!!! But they came to Cincinnati so it was still pretty great!

Hotaruchan: I may be hungry, but that description sounds amazing!!!

Peachflesh: My trigger is totally connected to emotions. And she is definitely lacking social skills. I just I have to remember that and seeing her wasn't planned so I wasn't prepared to deal with it.

KissKiss: Ahh! I want to see a 1 instead of a 2 so bad!! That's so awesome!!! People are just lame. You clearly have been losing!
I met my last two boyfriends online. They are absolutely 100% completely different from each other. So, all kinds of people are using it. And it is great because I think if I had met either of them in person I wouldn't have been interested. (I don't give people a chance) And they are both a lot shorter than men I normally am interested in. Have fun! One tip I would give, meet them where you are going. I don't want anyone knowing where I live especially if they turn out to be a creep by the time you order dinner.

Well today I tried this diet I found on Pintrest.
Day 1 all the fruit you could want Day 2 veggies and a potato Day 3 a combo Day 4 bananas and yogurt Day 5 chicken and tomatoes Day 6 chicken and veggies Day 7 a chicken veggie soup.

I wanted to do this. Just to push myself to get to the other side of 230. I am so sick of seeings a 3 and like every other day I am at 229. So it's just a little tiny push! But I don't think I can do it. I am already feeling a bit dizzy. I am not at all hungry. I am completely full, just on fruit. I want so steak! or protein I can't think.
I think I am going to have a spoonful of peanut butter.. It's protein and it shouldn't counteract most of this right?
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