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Originally Posted by beahawkins View Post

Oh! So, yesterday at the gym, I ran into someone I haven't seen since I started losing. And she was like oh, how much have you lost? I was like about 35. and She was like, well your face looks really good, it's really thinned out, don't worry you'll start to see the rest. And I was like uhh...

And then I remembered why I don't hang out with that group of friends anymore. I hate it, but I think her comment kind of led to my binge last night. It made me feel, well, I guess nobody else can notice so it doesn't really matter. And I hate that that's the way it ended up. I have done great! I have lost 35% of the weight I want to lose! That's a pretty big chunk. Just because some chick ugh. It just makes me mad. I can see a difference. I think everything would be fine if people would not say dumb things, cause I know that she didn't really mean to hurt me, the girl is just crazy low on understanding social situations. She is always saying things without thinking things through. Sigh.
I hate when people are like that. They can't give a compliment without also saying something negative. I had someone tell me the opposite. they said I was losing weight in my body, but my cheeks were still fat. I'm like wtf?

Originally Posted by Hotaruchan View Post
In less-awesome news, I'm done with classes with my favorite 3rd and 4th JTE and I alternate 3/4 and 5/6 at that school, and I'm stuck with the older kids for the last rotation. I have 1st graders mashed in too, but the 3rd and 4th graders are my favorite to teach because they're old enough that they can control their excessive genki-ness if needed, but young enough that school in general (especially English) is still magical to them. At least I still have 4th graders at one of my other schools...
I want to teach 4th graders! I agree, they're probably at the best age, where they still love school, and they want to learn

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morning ladies!
Short post today... I was up all night with food poisoning! I did OK yesterday, stayed away from the processed crap and ate some homemade Chili that was mostly chicken and beans, and then I was poisoned! Ugh, stupid parties. lol
food poisoning has to suck hope you feel better!

So I'm pretty happy that I am SO close to the 180s! I still can't believe that there is a 1 instead of a 2 whenever I step on the scale. also, have any of you guys done online dating? I have a date with this guy on Saturday, and I'm so freaking nervous. He sounds really really nice. and I put up pics of my full body, but still I am nervous I don't look like he thinks I do. ahhh, dating sucks lol.

How's everyone's Monday going?
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