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Carri: Thanks for starting the new thread. I was cheering for the Ravens too and it was a nail-bitter for sure. It made it fun to watch the game.

Did you have a favorite commercial? Mine was the Dodge Ram--my daddy was a farmer and so I got a bit choked up.

Of course I LOVED the Tide commerical--since I work for P&G

Tell us how you feel "smaller". Also good job for controling the soda and looking at it as a treat.

Alyssa: Whenever I have pizza I have a water weight-gain too. I think that was part of my gain last Thursday because we had pizza on Wed night.

Just drink plenty of water and in the next few days you will see that all gone.

I didn't realize that your DH is doing this with you. That's awesome! It helps to stay on track. My DH is supportive but hasn't been doing it with me. He is going to go with me to the Y tonight--he said that he sees his cardiologist in April and he has picked up 10 lbs from not exercising and he wants it off. It will be helpful to have him there with me. Sometimes it is hard for me to go, especially in the winter, when it is cold out and I am the only one leaving the house.

Hi Liz, Dee and Victoria and Lee Ann--I hope you find us!
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