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Becoming less fleshy.
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morning ladies!

bea: ugh, how annoying. but, i think the point is the rude chick did notice you’ve lost weight, and said you look good. maybe she is just lacking social skills. and now you’ve recognized a potential trigger.

kawaii: hahaha "crying by circuit 2” girl you crack me up. too funny. congrats on the loss YET AGAIN! gotta start researching Jillian... Good point about bringing your own food, I wish I would have thought of that.

hotaru: what a score, i love discovering little things like that! yummy and super low cal??? is it possible?? fantastic!

alright chicks, I’ve weighed in... 185.4 lbs!!! Holy crap, most I’ve ever weighed. Good times. 55.4 lbs to lose to hit goal. Thaaat’s daunting.

Short post today... I was up all night with food poisoning! I did OK yesterday, stayed away from the processed crap and ate some homemade Chili that was mostly chicken and beans, and then I was poisoned! Ugh, stupid parties. lol
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