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That's just it in a nutshell, Royal Wood Nymph! Taking breaks without involving food.

I've been short on steps, overtrained and just generally not so great for some days and though not working (I wish I were working lol) I was starting to stuff food in mouth & lie on the sofa a lot. Today's assignment is to go to Sprout's but it was so nice out, although gloomy looking and not sunny, that I started walking the neighborhood with the aim of not going anywhere in the car until I had a good base of 3,000 steps, so I walked a bit, which these days involves more pain and effort than it used to lol, which is WHY I am still wanting some weight off the knees, though knowing I am at a good weight already.

I just wandered the neighborhood to the 3,000 and now realize that since it is Monday and still a deadline day in my little imaginary physic self even though I do NOT have any contracts or employment going on (haven't worked for months). But the steps were a stand in for shoving food in mouth and I am no longer needing to do that and mess up my digestion & gain five pounds on the knees and get all unfocused from life and work (if I ever get some lol).

So yes, the step program has been the best exercise streak I've ever done. As guess I've said, I am still doing weights and aerobics, and yoga, but the steps bind my day together in a different way than when I used to just say, I'll walk an hour or jog an hour (jogging forbidden now by all medical parameters having to do with knees lol).

So, the long and the short of this long missive is I DO intend to get in the 70,000 weekly steps (even if I bonk a day and do less than the 10,000, I'm really logged into Fitbit to do 70,000 per week.

The extra calorie burning trainer program I paid for from Fitbit I have abandoned as having that extra goal was too stressful. The primary goal is the steps, plus I want to do my usual weights (going lighter each year) & other stuff.

Lol, done talking for now. Love to all royals near and far, including all lurkers, casual visitors, posters and whoever graces us with their presence in this palace in any way and sure and begorra I'm thinking of St. Paddy's Day and my March personal challenge that will commence following February 10, which is my personal Valentine's Day.


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