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bea: i also saw the musical in high school! on broadway! i could barely understand english properly back then but i was still very moved! yeah, the movie was good! sorry to hear about your binge but not dwelling on it is the way to go! i really hope you're not gonna get sick again... and don't worry about that stupid girl! she probably thought she was being nice, but some people are just like that... you HAVE done great and you should be proud of your accomplishments! good job!

hotaru: is leopalace a thing? never heard of it... but yeah, you should just go for it and adapt the moves as you can. i go to a coin-laundry to do my laundry now cuz my washer refuses to work in the cold! :/ but it has driers!!! my socks are all nice for the first time ever... lol. i didn't know it was setsubun until i saw everyone posting food pics on fb... those giant maki things are sooo yum though! i want one... T_T but i'll pass

peach: you know i saw something on another thread yesterday about Jillian that made me think "oh yeah!"... the person was saying they liked her because she didn't sound "peppy" and she was encouraging. that's definitely true. and i do like her encouragement and kinda feel like she's talking to "me". haha. I'm originally from Montreal, Canada. I've studied TESL in university and came here right after and i've been here 4 1/2 years! I originally came to Japan on an extended trip in 2008 when my then-boyfriend was a Japanese international student whose visa expired. stayed here for 3 months and just fell in love with the place, i knew i had to come back!! oh, i was watching some older episodes of the Biggest Loser the other day and they were saying about those Superbowl parties that you should just bring your own food! like make some healthy versions of stuff to be shared, and bring it and then you can just eat that and not feel guilty!

you GUYS!!! omg... so i stepped on the scale this morning and it said 77.4!!!!!! then I was like "that can't be right..." so i stepped on it again a few times, but that's what it said! that's like 170.3lbs and that's a whole kilo down from yesterday... wtf?!?! i think it's cuz i ate very little yesterday, and then when i went to bed i was hungry but i didn't eat anything so i must've been really "empty" when i weighed in? lol. anyways, i'm not gonna move my ticker until i see it again tomorrow just to be sure.... but it does boggle the mind! what the heck?!

today i'm not working and i'm gonna have lunch with a friend. gonna try to do Jillian's "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" video, which i found on youtube. apparently it's like the cardio version of "No More Trouble Zones"... i guess they are meant to be done together? we'll see how that goes...

UDATE: oh god, i just did the video... it's worst than NMTZ... my hair is all wet and i was crying by circuit 2... aaaahh... i hate cardio... is it just me? doing strength training is MUCH easier than cardio for me... i just have no breath...

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