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I come home every day but he'll still be alone from about 8:30 to 1:00, then I'll be back for lunch. From there, he'll be alone from 2:00 to 5:00. But when I went to the store last night, he was alone maybe 2 hours and he pooped so that's what made me start to worry. He's a smart boy though and I take him out really rather frequently. He pretty much always has to pee at least and I started actually walking him today. First trip around the house (we go out the back and now we come in the front) he tugged like, "Where are we going? House this way!" Second time, he tugged but then started walking halfway around. Third time, almost no tugging and some jogging. =)

If I do doggie daycare, do they train him to go outside? Like will he still pick up the habits I'm trying to teach him now? I've never had to put a dog in daycare before, my parents never did although I wouldn't personally mind the help. I'm just wondering if he'd always need it because he isn't actually alone during the day. We aren't here but he loves the one cat so if I could train him to roam like my parents' dogs do, he'd be happy as can be.
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