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Becoming less fleshy.
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kawaii: woohoo scale is down! haha even if itís from the hair extensions lol. if you keep losing like this i may have to rethink my dislike of jillian. if you donít mind my asking, where are you originally from? and what are you doing in japan? Iím so fascinated, what an experience to live in another country/culture!

bea: oh man, temptation staring you in the face! i canít day I would have done any better. And at least you said no to chips and queso! ya, def jump in on the 35 miles, i think itís a very doable goal. hope your bf is feeling better, and def hope you donít get whatever he had!

hotaru: walking is as good as running! and walking the mileage would at least get your body used to going as you work up to running. ease into it and you will avoid injury. and then you can chase, and maybe catch the bf, which is always fun

happy superbowl sunday, all! anyone have fun plans? hubs and I have a party to go to, which will be rife w salty and delectable junk food (weakness) and tons of beer (weakness). i am sort of dragging my heels about going, would rather skip it entirely... weíll see if i can convince hub to be anti-social. i always feel weird going to group events and not indulging, if someone notices that iím not indulging. like, i donít want anyone to realize iím actively trying to avoid eating junk. iíd rather have a tiny bit and not have to field any questions or see any quizzical eyeballs. anyone else?

i skipped my mileage yesterday. no good excuse, i just did. So iím doubling up today. plus stretching bc i am tiiight. and i plan to pick up some batteries for my scale... time to bite the bullet and check out the damage iíve done.
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