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peachflesh: Good luck with your running! I've been trying to convince myself to start, but every time I do, something goes wrong (extended bad weather, badly hurt wrist and knee, etc...). Eventually...maybe it'll help when I move in with my boyfriend...he has to run for PT between duty weekends, and I run best when I have something to chase

Kawaii: I live in a Leopalace with built in furniture, unfortunately. That means that I have exactly the space of my yoga mat from my bed to the opposite wall and a table built into the wall hemming me in on one side and a closet on the other. Ugh. I have plenty of space for level 1, but last time I tried I was literally crashing into the wall trying to get through level 2, so I ended up just giving up and doing pushups and riding my bike. Stupid long legs...On the plus side, this weekend was really warm, so maybe I'll be able to make it back out to the gym...fingers crossed. I was going to do laundry today (jeebus, do I hate doing laundry in Japan), but then I got side tracked correcting scripts for my 6th graders then drawing a comic...then trying to color it on my computer and failing miserably...really I've accomplished close to nothing today >.< And I REALLY miss my dryer...

bea: Yay dogsitting! I miss puppies <3 I end up going imgur and squealing at pictures of dogs all day, then sending links to my bf and demanding that we get one when we get our apartment (not that he has any objection, but I'm a crazy dog lady). What kind of dog is Brutus? I hope your stomach keeps cooperating...bugs are always nasty.

...Like I already said, I accomplished nothing today. I feel like a slug. I was going to go to a Setsubun festival, but the wind kept me up last night and I slept late enough that it wouldn't be worth the hour's train ride to get there before it ended. Not a huge loss since I think most Setsubun-related activities involve eating and throwing soy products and my thyroid and soy aren't on speaking terms, but it sucks that the result of not going was not actually getting my butt in gear all day. Time to make dinner then get some exercise in, I suppose...

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